After a surgery, accident or injury, physical therapy resistance bands are an important part of any patient’s recovery regimen. Physical therapy practice is a diverse range of physical therapy exercise equipment. With the many types of fitness bands, you can give your patients different ways to exercise their injured muscles at the lowest risk of causing re-injury. Exercise bands are perfect for patients who might not be suitable for or comfortable with weights or medicine balls because bands are lighter than weights and dropping a band does not risk aggravating an existing injury.

Stretch bands for one or many uses

Choose from a unique and innovative variety of physical therapy stretch bands, such as the perforated powder stretch band. These physical therapy resistance bands are not like traditional bands that have handles on them and come one to a pack. This fitness band comes in a roll with perforated edges. You tear these bands from the roll one-by-one for individual use.

Rolls of bands that are part of our line of CanDo® products for physical therapy are ideal for a practice that has many patients. These individual physical therapy stretch bands are pairable with the many types of handles and grips available. Opt for foam handles for easier grip, and they come individually or packaged in bundles. No matter what type of practice you run, pick from the supplies necessary to keep your patients happy and healthy.

Preventing allergies in sensitive patients

One common issue that doctor’s offices and physical therapy practices run into when stocking their inventory is the issue of patients allergic to latex. Our line of physical therapy supplies comes with many fitness band options that are completely free of latex. No matter what you need for your practice, choose our wide selection of healthcare supplies.