Stock medical and rehabilitation facilities with versatile physical therapy exercise equipment from CeilBlue™. Supplies include treadmill desks, puzzle mats, weights and other physical therapy supplies, which are fitting for patients recovering from an injury or strengthening muscles. Rebounder sets and exercise balls in varying dimensions are suitable for gyms and medical areas of different sizes. A colorful selection of exercise balls will spark up decor in training rooms, and they’re a popular choice with children.

Space-saving and versatile equipment

With a layer of vinyl coating, kettlebells won’t show any scratches or marks after long-term use. Storage racks for varying kettlebells are available as well, so users can keep them in place. Wall-mountable racks serve as an alternative to standard ones, so managers can save floor space. Bags for exercise mats are convenient for individuals always on the go. Exercise mats provide a quick way to train in the privacy of a home or hotel room. It’s easy to pack them due to the roll-up design when leaving for a trip. Other rehabilitation exercise equipment includes treadmill desks with speed range control, side handrails and a feature that shows burned calories. 

Variety of therapy-related equipment available

Look for CanDo® products for physical therapy and other brands when supplying new fitness locations and therapeutic institutions. Some examples of therapy gym equipment include inflatable exercise balls with a comfortable rubber grip, flexible yoga mats and kettlebell racks with two tiers for ample storage. Whether it’s for a commercial setting or a private gym, stationary exercise bikes are another popular choice. They feature ergonomic handlebars, touchscreen display and various helpful programs such as the heart rate monitor that informs patients and hobbyists while they train. Quiet operation sound makes stationary bikes and treadmill desks in this collection excellent for public training and rehabilitation establishments.

Heavy-duty physical therapy weights include medicine balls that are fitting for patients trying to increase flexibility and overall condition. They’re also excellent for extension exercises and as a weight exercise tool for the body muscle core. Partner-functional folding benches with padding provide comfort while you perform simple or complex training techniques. With a high load capacity, physiotherapy fitness equipment such as these benches won’t bend or budge under a lot of weight.