Help clients learn to stand and walk again with paralell bars for physical therapy

Many patients will ask once they enter physical therapy if and when they will regain the ability to walk. If your practice has parallel bars for physical therapy, you now have an easier way of providing them with that answer. CeilBlue™ offers portable parallel bars and other CanDo products for physical therapy that give your practice additional flexibility, allowing for your doctors and physical therapists to move parallel bars throughout the facility to provide a more functional workflow for staff and patients. Parallel bars are also a valuable addition to a home rehabilitation room, meaning patients who may want to continue their physical therapy journey at home now have a new option for pursuing their recovery.

Parallel bar options for all spaces

Parallel bars for physical therapy are an important piece of physical therapy exercise equipment. Several varieties of parallel fitness bars fit whatever need your practice or home rehabilitation studio has. There are many parallel bars, fitting any mode of practice or home studio. We offer parallel bar sets that adjust in both height and width. One of the parallel bars varieties is the platform-mounted version, which gives the bars a higher level of stability for patients who have additional support needs. Many parallel bars come with telescoping heights that allow for patients of different heights to use the same set of bars with no additional hassle. Opt for parallel bars that mount on the wall and fold up for spaces that need a little more room. The selection of physical therapy supplies will allow you to fulfill any role needed in your studio.

Patients need to feel confident when in recovery. Proper medical and physical therapy equipment, technique and instruction are necessary to help them regain their confidence and motor skills. Browse the many varieties of parallel bars for physical therapy and other equipment for your physical therapy practice. From simple balance platforms to complex setups over longer distances, CeilBlue has parallel bars for physical therapy and other medical supplies to help you improve the standard of care your practice provides.