Medicine balls come in several different weights so that patients graduate to heavier loads as they improve throughout their treatment. Each weight is color-coded to make it easy to select the right one for each session. The compact balls are suitable for use in any room in the home or rehabilitation center. Some have single- or dual-grip handles that make them user friendly and give more exercise options. The solid, weighted core and textured rubber surface of these exercise balls make them ideal for throwing, bouncing or light rebounding. Their exterior shell of soft pliable or firm rubber prevents them from splitting during use. Use these to perform exercises for strength and endurance training, and to improve stability and cardiovascular endurance. Some balls let the user adjust the air pressure to control the bounce and add variety to fitness routines. Storage racks keep the balls organized and prevent them from causing unnecessary injury between uses. 

Total-body workout with a weight ball

This piece of equipment lets patients perform exercises that focus on multiple areas of the body at once to get the most out of each workout session. An exercise ball gives patients a full-body workout with exercises that incorporate movements that include swings and rotations. The textured rubber surface makes this piece of physical therapy exercise equipment easy to grip and handle when performing workout routines that include activities such as the squat toss, rolling push-ups and the ball slam. Toss it against a wall, use a trampoline rebounder for solo use or toss it with two or more people so that everyone benefits from its use. Use this piece of equipment to rehabilitate upper- and lower-body injuries and to introduce proper body mechanics into the treatment regimen.

Multi-functional exercise supplies and storage 

Weight balls provide a vast array of benefits to patients and athletes when it comes to rehabilitation and training. They allow patients to do several different exercises with one piece of equipment. The exercise ball storage racks keep the facility neat so that patients feel safe with exercise supplies not lying around. Find physical therapy and home gym supplies and storage racks for the physical therapy facility at CeilBlue.