Keep your practice or dispensary neat with organized medication storage solutions

Organize and store pills and medicine bottles in medical storage cabinets. Label each compartment for easy identification. Pills and syringes fit easily into cabinets with drawers. Store bottles, boxes, tubes and other medication accessories in labeled storage bins and/or on shelves. Pill planners and cabinets come in different colors and designs to fit in with your decor and other medical office supplies. Keep medication safe and organized during transit with secure drug transportation cases.

Store medicine safely with locked medicine storage boxes

Prevent unauthorized access to medications with medication lockboxes. Go digital with an electronic lockbox. For extra security, consider a double-lock narcotics cabinet or a combination lock cabinet.

Use pouches for powdered medication

Store powdered medication securely in pill crusher pouches. Mix the medication with water to easily dispense it in feeding tubes using pouches. Keep the pouches containing powered medication organized for efficient dispensing in a cabinet or medicine bin. Boost efficiency with medical organization supplies.

Monitor your patients' medication and keep them on track with pill storage

Help your patients to stay organized with medication pill boxes with the days of the week listed on each compartment. Some feature compartments for morning and evening medication doses. Send patients home with medication in measured dosages in pouches and ready to mix with water. Keep track of whether your in-house patients are taking their medicine and dosages with pill planners and pill crusher pouches. Consider a talking pill reminder medication planner for patients who have difficulty remembering to take crucial medications.

Whether you're organizing medication for yourself, a loved one, a clinic, a pharmacy or a hospital, the medicine storage options at CeilBlue™ simplifies the process. Medication lockboxes provide a safe place to keep these all-important medications.