How do you organize a hospital supply room?

Organizing the supply room in a smart way is crucial to ensure optimal productivity and quality care for your patients. Shelving, medical storage cabinets and medicine racks are an easy-to-use solution to keep supplies off the floor, protecting them from spills and damage. Racks with open bins allow the staff to see at a glance what's inside each bin, which may help speed up the searching process in case of an emergency. The bins allow for grouping similar supplies together for fast and convenient access and visibility.

Use labels and bin colors to help differentiate storage racks

Whatever the Quantum storage system of your choice, bins typically feature label holders, so staff instantly know what's inside. Label holders let you fit labels of various sizes and colors to make sorting and storage simple. Many medical organization supplies that go on racks allow the air to circulate properly to protect the valuable supplies inside. The racks are easy to assemble without the need for nuts and bolts but sturdy enough to withstand repeated use. The bins for the Quantum display racks come in a variety of colors for use in different medical rooms. 

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