Cast iron kettlebells enable rehabilitation and strength-training sessions to introduce patients and athletes to exercises that incorporate physics and functional movement using a single piece of equipment. The versatility of these exercises helps to strengthen and tone multiple areas of the body simultaneously. As patients graduate from physical therapy weights like the CanDo dumbbell set and resistance bands, they move on to equipment that allows them to improve core strength and regain range of motion of the affected area. The swinging motion of these exercises helps patients and athletes recuperate from a variety of injuries to extremities and reduces the potential for pain in some regions of the body. When therapists incorporate these weights into the treatment regimen, it enables patients and athletes to perform a variety of exercises and improve body function by the use of proper body mechanics. CanDo weights come in several weights and sizes to ensure there's something for everyone. They have a vibrant vinyl coating labeled in both pounds and kilograms that lets users choose the proper weight for every session. The vinyl coating on each bell not only reflects its size but also minimizes damage to the floor and furniture during use.

Convenient storage and easy access to weights

The CanDo weights store easily on racks designed to keep physical therapy supplies organized and out of the way between sessions. The two-tier kettlebell rack provides ample space between each level to remove and replace each piece easily. The space-saving design of this unit enables it to house up to 660 lbs. of weights at maximum capacity to alleviate having stray equipment laying around with the potential for injury. Protective vinyl coats a portion of these racks to protect floors from scuffs and scratches and for ease of movement during cleaning or remodeling. 

CanDo weights and storage for productive physical therapy sessions

With the variety of weights used in the training and rehabilitation area, keeping them neat and organized enables specialists to provide better treatment. A kettlebell rack makes it easy to grab the right color-coded weight with a glance instead of having to search the facility. Shop the selection of CanDo products for physical therapy at CeilBlue for productive rehabilitation and training sessions.