How to Find the Best Hand Grip Strengthener

Hand grip strengtheners are one of the most effective tools for promoting recovery among patients with arthritis and other conditions that diminish their gross and fine motor skills.

Choosing which hand grip strengtheners are best for you or your patients, however, can be a daunting task. With so many types and top brands competing for your budget dollars, many times the choice comes down to trial and error.

We at CeilBlue would rather help you make an informed buying decision than end up with a hand grip strengthener that doesn’t meet your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful list of characteristics to consider when making your choice.

What is the best resistance range for your patients? If you’re like most physical therapists, you see a wide range of capabilities. Most top brands and styles of hand grip strengtheners will provide you either with adjustable resistances in a single product or a set. The choice is yours regarding how much to invest in your hand-grip strengthening system.



Are antimicrobial properties a priority? Depending on your facility’s infection control protocol or your own personal standards, you might decide you want your hand grip strengtheners to provide an extra layer of antimicrobial infection. CanDo® Antimicrobial Odor-Resistant Theraputty’s clean and non-greasy formula contains an additive that reduces odor-causing microbes.





Are you looking to invest in a complete set of hardware? CanDo® Digi-Extend N’ Squeeze Hand Exerciser (set of five) will help your patients develop isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. With five color-coded resistance levels, you can be assured each of your PT patient’s unique needs will be met.





Are you trying to create a relaxing environment? If so, scented hand putty could be the way to go. If it’s your first time trying this aromatherapy-esque type of PT tool, consider going for the CanDo® Multi-Fragrance Theraputty 4-Piece Set. It features three firmness levels (extra light, light, and medium) and four pleasing scents (vanilla, banana, apple, and cherry). Warning: the putty might make you hungry. Don’t eat the putty.





Want to add a bit of warmth to your patient’s routine? Warmth is comforting, especially in a healthcare environment. A reassuring touch can go a long way in promoting rehabilitation. CanDo® Microwave-Safe Theraputty can make your patients more engaged by giving them a more pleasing feel to their therapy routine. Choose from soft or hard consistency.





What about targeted finger exertion? The CanDo® Varigrip® Hand Exerciser is a novel unit. It allows resistance adjustment for each individual finger, promoting targeted and specified physical therapy. It’s ideal for post-surgery rehabilitation and comes in four base resistances.





How about a more … granular experience? This stuff just feels so cool. Adults and children love the wet-sand feel of Therasand. It is actually comprised of 98% real sand, but it never dries out, it’s easy to clean, and it resists stains. Once you and your patients get it in your hands, you might not be able to put it down.