Types of dog clipper blades

In conjunction with grooming tools like clippers and shears, you'll need a few different types of clipper blades to give your dog the perfectly groomed look. Blades come in a variety of materials, with steel and ceramic being the most popular. There are mainly three or four types, such as finishing blades, skip tooth blades, wide blades and full-toothed blades. When choosing clipper blades for pet grooming, the foremost thing to keep in mind is your dog's coat and breed. The texture of your pet's coat and the lay of the coat are also important factors to consider. A finishing blade is a versatile product that works for an all-over groom or to give a finishing touch. Wide blades are ideal for grooming a large dog, but they may not fit a standard clipper.

Choose the right blade sizes for your pet

Blades feature a number to show what length of hair they'll leave behind after the trim. The higher the blade number, the shorter the cut will be. Choosing the blade number depends on the coat length you're aiming to achieve and the dog breeds you'll be working with. If you're a professional pet groomer, you'll need a variety of blade sizes to ensure you're able to cater to the many dog breeds that come to you for their grooming needs.

Supplies for blade maintenance

Regular maintenance enhances the life of your blade clippers. Lubricants, cooling sprays and clipper blade washes are important blade maintenance and cleaning supplies that you must invest in. Oiling your blades at the end of the day ensures they provide a smooth trimming every time. Cleaning clipper blades depends on how frequently you use them. Using a grooming blade rinse gets rid of any accumulated dirt and fur, making pet grooming clean and hygienic for your four-legged customers.

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