Deliver clean, precise cuts with grooming blades

Different brands of clippers have their unique blade references for varying fur cut lengths. A Wahl® clipper blade set with a flat and thin bottom blade bevel offers close cutting, enabling seamless precision layering. The blade has an adjustable overlap configuration that allows tapering techniques. A blade without a backstripe and ridges facilitates easy balding. Balding blades often feature thin and short teeth for creating outlines. These grooming tools have well-aligned top and bottom blades that prevent unwanted skin abrasions. A size #40 blade is ideal for precise cuts and patterns on pet faces and feet. For veterinary surgical preparation, consider a #50 blade that cuts hair short.

Breeze through long coats  

Most wedge grooming blades come with square and flat top blade teeth, creating a blunt cut. Equipped with longer teeth, some blades eliminate the need for attachment combs. The long blade teeth let you glide through long pet hair. Models with deeper bottom blade teeth easily pick up and feed fur to save you time. A stagger tooth blade with alternating long and short teeth offers two varying cutting paths. The staggered top blade produces aesthetic textures while cutting. This blade layout suits bulk hair removal and the creation of seamless blends during soft or hard-line fading.

Enjoy increased versatility

Detachable blades offer speedy snap-on installation for increased convenience. Built with a taper lever at the bottom of the blade, these grooming accessories enable use by ambidextrous users. Some grooming blades come as all in ones with five-level cutting length adjustments enabling texturing and bulk hair removal. Specialty blades have uniform teeth that produce consistent cutting lengths.

Blades built to last

The construction material of a blade determines the type of cut you will experience. Some detachable pet grooming blades have carbon-infused edges, making them durable. Steel blades are easy to sharpen and sanitize, saving you maintenance time. Ceramic blades do not heat up, enabling use during lengthy grooming sessions. Since they are corrosion-free, ceramic grooming clipper and blade accessories offer increased longevity and stay sharper for longer. If you are looking to augment your grooming experience, check out the full range of clipper blades from CeilBlue®.