Medical gloves are a crucial part of any physician’s office, and the glove box dispenser accessories that we stock are perfect for whatever needs your practice might have. One of the most critical components of any doctor’s office is the implementation of infection prevention and control. Considering the prevalence of hospital-acquired infections in the era of multiple antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it’s necessary that you have gloves available in convenient and centralized locations. We have glove box holders to fit any need, with single units to multi-set units that hold up to four different boxes at a time.

Accessories Are Necessary

Medical glove holders are not the only thing that we have available. Browse the substantial number of accessories that go alongside the glove dispenser holders. Choose from unique solutions such as mounting your glove holders to the wall using magnets. This magnetic mounting system means that there is no need to drill holes in the wall or find studs to accommodate your glove boxes; all that is necessary is putting the magnets on opposite sides of each other. Other accessories that help in the visual styling of your glove holder include decal stickers that denote the size of glove that are in a box. No matter what your need is in your practice, you will fulfill best practices with these solutions to carrying your medical supplies. 

Find a Cost-effective Solution

When evaluating your practice’s need for supplies, you may consider buying new medical glove holders to replace existing supplies you already have. However, that may not be necessary with the glove box dispenser accessories that we have available. We have useful tools to help extend your budget, providing you with better setup methods and new visual indicators. This will result in an easier time for both your physicians and the managers of your practice. Our accessories plus our large range of phlebotomy supplies are sure to be useful for your doctor’s office or hospital. If you need new accessories for your practice, browse our large range of products. We have solutions for any need.