Two styles of foam rollers in several dimensions for users and regimens

The array of CanDo products for physical therapy have been favorites among physical therapists, athletic trainers and the public since the 1980s, targeting strength, rehabilitation, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

CanDo rollers are available in full-round or half-round shapes. While both are available in different densities and may be appropriate for a beginner’s initial therapy or a devotee’s daily workout, the two have specific applications. Full-round rollers are ideal for progressive all-around therapy and exercise, where clients and patients move from smaller to larger-diameter rollers. Half-round rollers are the same, but they’re for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation.

The CanDo rollers have an impressive range of full-round and half-round dimensions. Each material, from soft foam roller to high-density composite, comes in variable lengths ranging from 12 to 24 to 36 and 48 in., and in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-in. diameters.

The right array of material for fitness massage rollers

Browse the different types of foam and composite densities that patients or clients require as they progress through their therapeutic or exercise massage regimens. Basic blue or white rollers, made of latex-free polyethylene, offer the softest compression for beginning exercise. Some of these rollers are available with an anti-microbial coating to minimize the spread of germs among clients or patients.

The products graduate to two-layer polyethylene rollers, offering outer shells in three different foam densities, wrapped around a firmer 1.5-in. inner core, for balanced Pilates, rehab and strengthening routines. These progressively firmer two-layer foam rollers target all major core and fitness muscles, including the upper and lower back, abs, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Other rollers consist of EVA foam composite, a material often used in floor and exercise mats. It offers a unique combination of soft feel and variable density depending on the manufacturing process, including extra-firm and high-density rollers. Clients and patients use these versatile EVA rollers for balance and stability exercise, strength training and deep-tissue massage.

CanDo inflatable rollers are available so clients and patients can use SMR techniques at the exact level of firmness that’s most comfortable for them.

Keeping the yoga massage rollers organized

The therapeutic efficiency of any facility depends on the use of proper medical organization supplies to store and protect equipment. Different storage arrangements are available for organizing the rollers, including upright portable racks to store the rollers vertically, and horizontal-storage wall racks with innovative top slots for inserting rollers and bottom slots for accessing them. Washable, form-fitting polyester and spandex sleeves are available for some rollers to protect them from dust or accidental damage when not in use.

Look at the broad array of foam roller dimensions and material available at CeilBlue and choose the options that best fit the exercise and therapeutic regimen of your clients and patients.