PPEs for the face are important to reduce the chances of infection

Providing appropriate PPE gear to protect the face may reduce the risk of infection transmission, especially when healthcare workers are dealing with a highly infectious viral disease such as COVID-19. Equip your personnel with workplace wellness consumables to give them a sense of security, boosting their morale as they treat and care for sick patients. A face shield visor is useful when healthcare workers work closely with patients, such as when irrigating a wound or suctioning excess secretions.

Face shields may offer enhanced virus protection

While many states have face mask mandates in place to stop the surge of COVID-19, using a safety face shield may offer additional protection. While face masks protect the nose and mouth, preventing infectious droplets from a sick person from entering the mouth and nasal cavity, a face shield does more. Since a full-face screen offers total face coverage, even the smallest droplets cannot penetrate the shield. It stops viral droplets from touching your eyes, nose, mouth and nasal cavity. Face shields may also discourage you from touching your face frequently, which helps keep contaminated hands away from your eyes, mouth and nose. Offering an excellent protective barrier, face splash shields may offer protection against COVID-19. Use them with other personal gear to help lower your risk. CeilBlue has several safety and infection control products such as gloves, hand sanitizers and hospital-grade disinfectants to help keep you safe.

Splash shields features and benefits

Full face screens cover the forehead, extending below the chin and wrapping around the face for total protection. Half-face and full-face varieties offer flexible wearing options, and both can be worn easily with masks. Foam cushioning helps make them comfortable to wear. Most fit neatly over prescription glasses.

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