Exercise mats are a vital tool in any healthcare facility to provide support to patients during assessments, rehabilitation, and workouts. Renovating medical and rehabilitation facilities with physical therapy exercise equipment offers healthcare practitioners with the tools they need to treat patients. The textured surface of fitness mats provides anti-skid traction to reduce unintentional movements during stretches and flexibility training. Keep a wide range of physical therapy supplies, including exercise mats on hand, to help patients enhance their performance during strength, balance, muscle conditioning, dexterity and flexibility workouts.  

Exercise mat benefits

Using exercise mats with grip and ribbing alongside many CanDo® products for physical therapy enhances patient performance by providing a supportive and stable floor area for them to work on. Opt for thicker mats or fold flexible mats over when more cushioning is required. Mats with closed-cell foam absorb energy to help reduce some of the shocks to joints. Floatable, waterproof mats are useful for hydrotherapy exercises.

Workout mat design features

Different ribbing molding on the top and bottom of mats gives various levels of comfort, grip and ventilation. Closed-cell foam technology also adds resilience and toughness to the mat for durability. In clinics that regularly use these mats, select scratch-resistant and tear-proof designs for extra endurance. Workout mats featuring an environmentally friendly triclosan-free anti-microbial coating helps keep the floor and mats clean in between patients. Create an inviting ambiance in the clinic with a wide range of mat color options.

Exercise mat sizes and storage

CanDo exercise mats, as with other brands, come in a range of sizes to fit in a variety of spaces. Individual mats range between 23 in. and 40 in. in width with lengths spanning between 48 in. and 78 in. Fit several Airex fitness mats side-by-side to create a larger workout space. Lightweight, flexible mats easily roll for compact storage on shelves or in storage bins. Mats with grommets enable wall storage, keeping mats flat.

Cushion clients' joints and give them more stability and confidence during physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises by providing them with exercise mats during floor-based or aquatic routines.