Comprehensive solution for patients and seniors

Always place the dressing aids in areas where your patients can easily access when the need arises. If they're recovering from hip or knee surgery, use a hip kit as a comprehensive solution. Find a collection of dressing stick, sock aid, sponge, and reacher when you purchase a complete hip kit. Get a slip-on dressing aid, deluxe dressing stick and flexible sock aid ready when your patient leaves the hospital after surgery, to help them remain independent when dressing or bathing at home. Dressing aids help ensure patients heal well when recovering from hip or knee replacements.

Dressing aids for improved mobility

Help patients avoid bending at the hip or twisting their backs when experiencing limited mobility by purchasing dressing aids and reaching aids. Individuals who have arthritis do not have to endure excruciating pain when putting on shoes or socks. Many health care providers highly recommend reachers. Some kits feature formed sock aids and a plastic or metal shoehorn, ideal for low-mobility individuals. Patients with a general lack of muscle control or who struggle with reaching, bending and performing intricate maneuvers find respite in a hip kit. This collection of dressing aids helps individuals dress, bathe and groom alone, improving the entire recovery process.

Aids for increased Independence

Encourage patients to regain their dignity through increased independence by offering great patient care products. If your health facility has a patient who needs help bending, reaching or dressing, you can always opt to purchase dressing aids individually as needed. Hand reachers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and grab capabilities to ensure that patients can extend their reach or pick up items easily. Designed with lightweight materials, reachers  have ergonomic triggers operated by the entire hand, making them the perfect tool for increased independence. 

Hip kits for maximum comfort and well-being

When starting out with dressing aids, patients should expect a learning curve. It may feel awkward at first, but it will be time well spent. Help your patients regain their dressing independence using a hip kit after surgery until you clear them for bending and reaching. Besides that, a 24-inch reacher helps them pick up light objects and place them within reach. Another bending assistance tool, a sock aid, helps them on socks and shoes without reaching down or raising their feet. A long-handled bath sponge is ideal for getting to hard-to-reach areas without excessive twisting or bending.

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