Amp up social distancing practices using dividers and partitions

These make it easy to create individual workspaces in office areas that have an open floor plan while still letting companies keep within budget and time constraints. Put employees and clientele at ease by crafting cubicles and waiting areas with room separators. Tri-fold privacy screens made with vinyl or antimicrobial, antibacterial, and stain-resistant materials clean easily and fold for easy storage. They fold into multiple configurations and are on casters for easy mobility to give users the freedom to design the area to be functional while taking up minimal space. For office space, consider portable room dividers with a magnetic whiteboard or one that has both a whiteboard and a bulletin board to keep track of essential information and statistics. Amp up social distancing practices with these and other barriers for safe distancing to help prevent the spread of diseases.

Revamp open floor plans with folding room dividers

Whether opening for the first time or re-opening, it's essential to maintain an appropriate distance between staff and clientele. Room separators allow management to create cubicle-type environments that give each staff member a personal workspace to help combat the spread of infectious disease. Use them to divide waiting areas for patients and clientele, or to promote social distancing in areas where staff gather for lunches and breaks. Consider setting up bins and other medical organization supplies in each "cubicle" to keep the area neat and prevent cross-contamination. In the master supply area, consider assigning each staff member their own space that contains the supplies necessary to maintain productivity. In turn, this decreases the time spent searching for supplies and discourages borrowing supplies from co-workers.

Minimize absences, boost employee morale and productivity

When employees see that management cares enough about their health and safety to erect personal workspaces using portable room dividers, it has the potential to boost their morale and productivity while minimizing absence due to illness. Positive morale also speaks volumes to clientele. Most individuals would rather revisit a business where they see happy and healthy employees and where they feel safe. Promote workplace wellness with folding room dividers and other supplies available at CeilBlue™ to encourage social distancing and limit the sharing of supplies in the office.