Keep your veterinary clinic, grooming room or kennel clean and sanitized with cleaning and disinfecting products such as pet urine destroyer, foaming oxy cleaner and detergents. Large cleaning containers include handles for simple transport, which is practical for professional cleaning workers. Liquid enzymes in stain and odor removers help you get rid of nasty stains with minimal work. 

Practical cleaning tools for pet owners

The chemical formula in pet urine removers discourages pets from making the same mistake again, preventing inconveniences in advance. Liquid cleaners are practical for cleaning bedding, furniture and carpets with various fabrics. Pet- and child-friendly stain removers are suitable for family households and veterinary clinics. Other veterinary supplies and equipment are available, including grooming products and office accessories.

Sanitize cages, furniture and surfaces with high-quality disinfectants and detergents

Employees in animal care centers can use disinfectants to sanitize pet cages and kennels. A little concentrated disinfectant mixed with water creates up to 1 gallon of cleaning solution due to the high-concentrated formula. Most cleaner applications don't require rinsing, which saves time and hassle. It removes over 50 different viruses, fungi and bacteria. In recent times especially, it's essential to keep public animal care facilities sterile and clean. Browse other animal care products to equip animal care facilities.

A variety of cleaning products for pet owners and animal care centers

All-purpose stain and odor removers are easy to apply with a mop, sprayer or sponge for optimal cleaning. Oxygen-infused cleaning formulas have a deep reach, ensuring a clean look and refreshing scent on furniture and surfaces. Dispenser refills with various scents have an effective range of 4,000 to 6,000 cu. ft., covering a large indoor area. Deluxe dispenser refills last up to one month, so individuals don't have to reorder frequently. Retail packaging offers convenience for large businesses that require supplies regularly. CeilBlue™ offers many products for pets, including protective floor mats, which prevent damage to floor surfaces.