WaTE bars are part of the wide range of reputable CanDo products for physical therapy. Use them to improve strength, coordination and motor control in your patients. To cater to various levels of mobility and increase the number of exercise variations, these exercises can be done seated, standing or lying down. For a more comfortable grip, the weight bars are covered in foam. Slim WaTE bars go up to 10lbs., Jumbo WaTE bars go up to 25 lbs. and Mini WaTE bars come in pairs and weigh up to 3 lbs. each.

Keep your CanDo WaTE bars organized 

Select the right WaTE bar for the day using the color-coded weight indicator. Equipment, such as physical therapy parallel bars and inflatable exercise balls tend to take up a lot of space. Hang Slim and Mini WaTE bars from hooks by their hangers to save space and stay organized. CanDo WaTE bar racks can be purchased separately. Alternatively, store them along the wall on the ground. They don't take up a lot of space.

Recover at home with physical therapy WaTE bars

Use exercise WaTE bars at home to perform the exercises done during physical therapy sessions. Add a set of weight bars to your other home gym supplies. This way you can vary your exercise sessions and use heavier WaTE bars as your strength increases. Do WaTE bar exercises seated or standing and lying down. Maintaining upper body strength in these situations is important for those in wheelchairs or who are unable to stand up without support. Weight bars are great exercise tools for accomplishing this. Adapt your training easily by using different weights as your strength improves.

Add variety to group fitness classes

Use weight bars in group exercise settings and one-on-one sessions. Add resistance during yoga and Pilates workouts. Use weight bars to add variety to both resistance and aerobics classes. Mini WaTE bars are especially useful during aerobics classes. Use lighter weight bars to accommodate the high repetitions performed during body conditioning classes. Browse CeilBlue™ for all the PT equipment you need.