Maintaining safety in any medical environment is necessary, and it requires both equipment and procedure. This makes a sink splash guard and biohazard shield a must for any practice that deals with bodily fluids or other hazardous materials. With a sink splash shield you can keep running water from splashing against your hazardous materials and onto countertops or the practitioner. There are a range of ways to exercise infection prevention and control at a doctor’s office, and our line of wrap-design acrylic shields are ideal for preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Prevent the spread of infection with sink splash guards and biohazard shields

Hospital-acquired infections are receiving a significant amount of attention among medical professionals in recent years. Using small biohazard shields is a great way to prevent the spread of these infections, as splashes and spills of materials that are biohazards may lead to the spread of highly damaging bacteria, such as the multiple antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Sink splash guards and biohazard shields are one of the first lines of defense against harmful bacteria that may lead to an extended hospital stay or even death for patients with compromised immune systems. As with other medical desktop organization, record-keeping and safety practices, protective equipment helps save lives.

Some small biohazard shields that CeilBlue™ have available come with convenient cutaways to allow you to move your arm in a natural and ergonomic pattern when dealing with hazardous materials. Others come with wrap designs above your hands to allow for maximum security when portioning out blood or other hazardous materials into pipettes or onto test strips. Wrap-design acrylic shields come in multiple configurations, ensuring that no matter the challenge faced at a doctor’s office or hospital, you are well-equipped to handle it. Sink splash guards may come with an in-between region that can hold informative signs that further help your practitioners and staff follow best practices. Consider the wide selection of products for medical professionals for your practice, from medication organizers to organizational tools.