What to look for in a hand sanitizer

Sanitizer comes in the form of a liquid, gel or foam that's applied directly on the hands. When shopping for an antibacterial sanitizer, check the ingredients label carefully to ensure it contains 60 to 95% alcohol content. Alcohol is the key ingredient to help kill viruses, germs and bacteria. A hand sanitizer may also contain other ingredients such as water, fragrance and moisturizers. However, keep in mind that any product that contains alcohol content below 60% is not as effective against viruses and germs. Some hand sanitizers also feature alternative ingredients such as coconut oil, but, without 60 to 90% alcohol content in it, a hand sanitizer is ineffective. To use the product, ensure your hands are clean and free of dirt and grime before applying antiseptic hand sanitizer. Then, apply a dime-sized amount to the palm of your hand, and rub both hands together, coating all surfaces of the hands and fingers, allowing them to air dry for a few seconds. In addition to good hygiene, other measures such as wearing face masks, workplace disinfection and social distancing may be effective in stopping the surge of COVID-19.

Keeping your staff safe is important

Healthcare professionals are at an increased risk of contracting infections, especially when they're dealing with a highly transmissible virus such as COVID-19. Providing your staff and practitioners with workplace wellness consumables may help protect them from contracting infectious diseases. This gives them a sense of security, boosting their enthusiasm to administer top-quality healthcare. Check out CeilBlue for workplace wellness products such as face shields, gloves and masks that may help prevent the spread of infectious diseases among your colleagues and staff.

Hand sanitizing may be an effective way to keep your hands free of germs, viruses and bacteria. Choosing an effective antibacterial hand sanitizer and using it at frequent intervals may reduce your risk of catching infections such as COVID-19. Shop from our selection of hand sanitizers and hospital-grade disinfectants to practice enhanced cleanliness and hygiene.