Anti-fatigue mats relieve and prevent pain

Anti-fatigue mats are a convenient solution to help people who suffer from feet, back or leg injuries stand more comfortably. They are beneficial in any workspace where employees must stand for extended time periods. Consider placing them near reception desks or medical practice furniture, where employees must spend a lot of time standing, or use them in your home in front of a sink or clothes dryer.

Standing comfort mats work well even for people who aren't injured, as an anti-fatigue solution, to reduce muscle strain and the stress linked to standing for many hours. In workplaces where the employer installed floor mats, research shows employees were less likely to take days off work. They are even suitable for people who are prone to blisters or heel spurs to help reduce the occurrence of these common foot problems. Anti-fatigue bubble mats provide relief in many situations thanks to the ergonomic qualities of the air bubble cushions.

Easy-to-clean mats are also durable

Most mats come in durable materials, such as rubber or polyurethane, and are easy to clean. Many antimicrobial mats contain special ingredients that won't wear off even after repeated washing and also protect the mat from microbial deterioration. This makes them suitable for injured people who need to work without shoes. Most mats feature an anti-slip base to prevent tripping. Some modular anti-fatigue mats are designed to work with standing desks and offer contoured surfaces to encourage people to switch their positions.

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