Air purifiers may help to slow the spread of infectious pathogens

Air movers, fans and purifiers are among the most important safety and infection control items in medical settings and in many other workspaces. They support the reduced spread of airborne pathogens and viruses and help create a healthier environment for employees and patients. Dryer-blower fans are handy in small spaces such as restrooms, where they can be used to quickly dry floors after cleaning.

Most hospitals have a central air filtration system, which is enough to ensure healthy air quality in lobbies and common areas. However, some areas may require an air purifier, along with personal protective equipment (PPE) items such as face masks and safety glasses, to help reduce the spread of pathogens. These areas include isolation wards, surgery theaters, microbiology laboratories, neonatal intensive care units, organ transplant wards and oncology rooms.

Commercial-grade air filtration systems help clean the air of mold, allergens and pollutants, which may exacerbate asthma and other respiratory conditions. Many models feature activated carbon, which reduces odors.

Axial air movers keep any environment cool

Axial air movers are the most common type of fans in commercial environments, and they work well to keep rooms cool and to purify the air. They feature a motor that moves the blades, creating a flow of air that's parallel to the axial of the motor.

Air movers and purifiers are effective tools to help improve the air quality in your workspace. Browse the broad selection available at CeilBlue®.