Active seating offers several benefits

Being sedentary for eight hours plus daily takes its toll on the body, resulting in back pain, spinal degeneration, neck pain, shoulder aches and more. Active sitting products help integrate some amount of movement even when seated for long periods. This helps you stay active, breaking the boredom associated with sitting for a long time. CeilBlue features a wide selection of active seating solutions, including swivel ball chairs, sit-to-stand chairs and perching stools.

Unlike traditional chairs that make your body totally inactive, active seating integrates small movements, increasing blood flow that improves metabolism and keeps you feeling energetic. When you make tiny movements while sitting, you're preventing your muscles from becoming inactive for long periods of time. This alleviates muscle stiffness and tension, especially in the neck and lower back. Active seating chairs reduce tension and stress on the pressure points of the body, helping reduce fatigue and pain. They also improve posture and burn a few extra calories that doesn't happen when you sit still on a traditional chair all day long.

Ergonomic office products improve employee well-being

Ergonomic office products such as ergonomic chairs, standing desks, supportive keyboards and anti-fatigue mats, fix employees' posture, offering better support and comfort as they work. Offering good spinal alignment, ergonomic products help prevent work-related injuries and pain, keeping your employees safe and healthy. Most ergonomic products come with custom options, so your employees can adjust the seat height, width and depth, armrests and more based on their personal preferences. This adds to improved comfort.

Check out CeilBlue for ergonomic office products that help prevent workplace injuries, keeping your employee morale up. Invest in ergonomic furniture to demonstrate your commitment to the safety and well-being of your staff.