Active seating options keep you active even when sitting

Traditional chairs are a great option for comfortable seating, but users are now looking for innovative sitting options that keep them slightly active. Also referred to as dynamic sitting, active seating options such as active stools keep you moving slightly and actively engage at least some of your muscles while sitting. By incorporating some movement into your workday, you're preventing yourself from being sedentary all day. While the tiny movements offered by active chairs are never a substitute for a dedicated workout or a cardio session, they still burn a few more calories than sitting still on a traditional chair for the same amount of time, keeping you mildly active even with prolonged sitting.

Improve your posture with active seating chairs

When sitting in a traditional chair, your spine forms an awkward shape that causes immense pressure on the neck, shoulders and back. Most active seating options not only help you keep moving, but they feature an ergonomic design that promotes a straight spine and correct posture while sitting. With an active sitting chair, you're constantly making tiny movements that help strengthen your abdominal muscles, back and shoulder muscles and more. This improves your core strength, which improves balance and stability. A combination of enhanced core strength and improved posture reduces the occurrence of back pain that's usually associated with prolonged sitting.

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