4 Physical Therapy Parallel Bar Styles to Help Patients Regain Independence

Parallel bars are not just for gymnasts. For individuals recovering from injury or with limited mobility, they are often an integral component of physical therapy.

CeilBlue understands the importance of parallel bars for physical and occupational therapy. They help patients regain strength and mobility, improve balance and range of motion and, most importantly, achieve independence they might not have thought possible.

Here are four popular PT parallel bar styles and their benefits.


Physical Therapy Bariatric Parallel Bars:These are the ideal choice when working with patients who are 500lb or over. They are mounted to a 1-1/2" thick hardwood plywood base and feature a middle upright with through pin lock for extra support. The height can be adjusted easily from 26" to 39" thanks to spring loaded plungers and a numbered height strip.




Physical Therapy Folding Parallel Bars:Those looking for an easily portable, space-saving parallel bar option will be pleased with the compact design of this folding model, ideal for home healthcare environments. They can handle up to 350lb and feature double stiffening rails.




Physical Therapy Platform Mounted Parallel Bars:For a semi-permanent PT parallel bar solution, look no further than this solid platform-mounted beauty. With a 103lb platform anchoring the bars, this set isn't going to travel unless it's intended to. It can handle patients up to 400lb and comes in three sizes: 7', 10', and 12'.




Physical Therapy Wall-Mounted Folding Parallel Bars:If you know you won't need to move your parallel bars from room to room anytime soon, yet still are looking to conserve space, this is the set for you. When not in use, the bars fold up easily against the wall. Just make sure your ceilings are at least 8' high as the folded height is over 7'.