Grooming Tubs

Make bath time fun, easy and comfortable with pet grooming tubs for homes, doggy daycare centers, veterinary clinics, grooming salons, local shelters and boarding facilities. They're purpose-built to accommodate the size and unique needs of their furry occupants. Along with providing an ideal place for cleaning and washing pets, dog grooming tubs also offer enhanced functionality and convenience for groomers and pet owners alike. To meet varying requirements and individual preferences, CeilBlue™ carries a range of grooming tubs in different configurations, sizes, drainage systems and material composition for ease of choosing a suitable match. Select models also come with special features like tethers, doors, ramps and height-adjustment capabilities designed for security, handy access and maximum comfort.

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Ensure pets stay clean, fresh-smelling and healthy with routine bathing

For general pet care, bathing dogs or cats when necessary promotes proper pet hygiene and good health. It removes dirt and debris, gets rid of unpleasant smells, loosens damaged hair and enhances coat shine. It’s also a great opportunity for strengthening the bond between you and your favorite companion. While a bath may prove tricky, grooming equipment like dryers, tables and pet grooming tubs simplify the process to make the experience less challenging and more comfortable. Use grooming towels to make drying a breeze after each bath.

Consider style and material when choosing the right pet tub

Options for grooming tubs include professional-grade heavy-duty units appropriate for large dogs, and high-end models that double as spa stations for hydrotherapy of stressed or unwell pets. In terms of materials, stainless steel constructions resist corrosion and withstand bending under pressure for long-lasting durability. Opt for sturdy plastic tubs in a lightweight and portable design for easy mobility in both indoor and outdoor applications. These grooming tubs are also well-suited for puppies and medium-size pooches. For increased safety, place cushioned rubber floor tiles under your workstation to avert potential injuries from slipping.

Look for special features that meet varying needs

Many professional pet grooming tubs offer additional features meant to tackle common issues associated with bathing and washing pets. Select units come with a foot-operated motorized lift for comfortable height elevation. Attachable pet tub stairs and integrated steel ramps with non-slip covers eliminate the physical strain of lifting heavy dogs to prevent sore backs. A few layouts also incorporate doors for ease of entry and exit.

To keep bathing necessities within reach, many dog grooming tubs include item holders for shampoos, cleansers and animal nailcare essentials. Built-in plumbing systems and tub strainers provide proper drainage while trapping hair to facilitate quick cleanups. In addition, some models come with grooming arms, loops and tethers to restrain and hold the dog in place. Pet parents and professional groomers can also take advantage of cat grooming bags that sport secure collars, mesh inserts and zippered compartments all designed to take the hassle out of bathing cats.

Explore CeilBlue for pet tubs and grooming accessories that offer safety, comfort and convenience to make bathing time a soothing, relaxing and more enjoyable experience for you and your four-legged friend.