Grooming Tables

Professional pet groomers need a variety of grooming equipment and supplies to offer excellent grooming services to their furry customers. Grooming tables are an important tool of the grooming process, and there are several types available in the market, including hydraulic grooming tables, electric tables and folding tables. If you're looking for an automated grooming station that will help you adjust height settings with a click of the button, electric tables are an excellent option. They also include additional features like harnesses and nooses. If automation is not an important requirement, a hydraulic grooming table will work well for your pet's grooming needs. A hydraulic pump allows you to adjust the height setting manually using a foot pedal, making it a convenient choice. A foldable table is a budget-friendly choice for home groomers looking for a sleek and portable space-saving station.

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Features to look for in a grooming table

When choosing a grooming table, the foremost thing to look for is the security mechanism. Larger breeds require a harness to keep them in place during the grooming process, while smaller breeds do well with a noose. Depending on the size of pets you groom, a table with a good safety mechanism helps keep your pet customers from accidents and injuries during the grooming process.

The work area is also a prime consideration depending on the breeds you work with. The work surface should have enough space for the pet to stand up comfortably without feeling cramped. If you deal with dogs of several sizes, it's best to choose a large-sized grooming table with adjustable harnesses and loops.

Opt for a grooming table that's sturdy, so that it doesn't buckle or break when the dog stands on it. This is important to keep your pet safe and secure during grooming. Many pets shed a lot of fur and hair, which makes grooming a messy affair. Therefore, it's important to choose a grooming table with easily washable parts.

Select Master Equipment pet grooming tables are just the right size for small dogs. This table has a compact grooming surface with outstanding stability, ensuring it stays steady even when an active dog moves about a lot during grooming.

Benefits of a pet grooming table

Clippers, blades and nail care items are essential grooming tools that give your pet a chic look. However, your stock of grooming accessories and tools will never serve its purpose if your pet doesn't stand still during the grooming process. That's where a grooming table comes in handy. A portable dog grooming table provides an elevated platform for the dog to stand or sit as you groom it. A grooming table with adjustable height settings is useful since it places the pet at an ergonomic height for you to work with it. This prevents you from bending or stooping down, avoiding strain on your back and neck. Most pet grooming tables are rotatable. This allows you to groom the pet from all angles, without the animal having to move around.

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