Grooming Shears

Pet grooming is important not just to make your fur baby look smart and chic, but to ensure its health and well-being as well. Among the many grooming tools that you'll need to give your pet a makeover, the most important is grooming shears. Trimming your dog's fur helps to eliminate fleas and gives it a neat look. Owning a variety of grooming scissors and shears helps you work with many breeds with specific types and lengths of fur. If you're planning to buy new shears for your pet, check the CeilBlue™ collection to find a few that best suit your furry friend's needs.

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Choosing the right grooming shears is important

When buying pet grooming shears, consider your dog's coat. For thicker coats, longer shears work well since they take off more fur per cut, saving you time and effort while taking off coat uniformly for a smooth and professional finish. Small scissors will do the job for small and fine coats, allowing greater control and faster cutting. Small-sized shears are ideal to access tough spots like hind legs, ear tips and eyes. As a general rule, use shorter shears for small breeds, reserving long-length shears for larger dogs.

Grooming shears must be comfortable and lightweight to hold and work with. This helps you shear past the fur with ease. Look for shears with large loops that are easy to hold with lots of flexibility, making grooming easy and convenient for you. Scissors with opposing grip are the standard design and are appropriate for groomers who like to hold their shears with their middle finger and thumb. 

Besides grooming scissors, shears, blades, clippers and other accessories, you'll also need grooming equipment such as a sturdy grooming table to make the grooming process easy and comfortable for you and your pet

Types of pet grooming shears

Pet grooming shears are available in a variety of styles, including straight, curved and thinning. Straight shears help you shape the coat and give it the perfect finishing touch. Straight shears are suitable for body grooming, straight cutting and finishing work, making them versatile. Curved shears have significant variations in curve, giving you a wide variety of models to choose from. A longer curve is best suited for larger breeds, while a sharply curved shear works better with smaller breeds. Pet groomers use curved shears on top knots and areas of the coat that require a rounded finish. Using them around the legs and feet gives your pet's coat a well-rounded shape and finish. Thinning scissors cut out the large sections of the coat. Pet groomers also use thinning shears to blend the lines of the fur for a professional finish. There are many variations to this category, with differences in the number, length and size of the teeth, each offering a distinct finish for your pet.

CeilBlue has a large selection of veterinary supplies and equipment that helps you provide high-quality pet care. Check out our range of shears and grooming tools to keep your dog's coat looking neat and trimmed, which improves its health and hygiene.