Grooming Equipment

Choosing the right type of pet grooming equipment helps improve productivity and reduce operator fatigue. We offer a broad selection of tubs of varying sizes, designs and heights suitable for dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Many are height adjustable while others have access doors and ramps. Various drying solutions are available, including handheld, standing and forced-air dryers. Adjustable grooming tables reduce back strain, allowing you to stand upright while cutting and grooming pets. Cushioned anti-fatigue floor mats reduce foot and leg strain while working. Key accessories, such as dog mats, support frames, grooming loops and harnesses, help restrain and secure dogs while they're standing on dog grooming equipment.

Key pet grooming elements

The three important elements of pet grooming equipment are a grooming tub, dryer and a grooming table. Aspects to consider when selecting these items include the number of pets you plan to groom and wash, their size and breed as well as how to lift animals into tubs and onto grooming tables. Additional considerations include grooming equipment, tools and accessories.

Choosing a grooming tub

Grooming tubs come in various sizes and materials. While most have fixed legs, some incorporate electrically operated scissor lifts allowing you to raise the tub to a comfortable working height. Larger dogs prefer a lower tub with provision for easy access while taller tubs are good for washing small animals because they allow you to keep your back straight. Plastic tubs made from high-density polypropylene provide better protection when working with restless animals, and stainless-steel units offer good durability. Nonslip coverings and floor mats help keep animals calm and safe.

Selecting a pet dryer

Pet dryers may be stand-mounted or handheld. Some come with attachments for ducting air to animals held inside cages, a solution that's ideal for busy pet parlors. Choose high-volume, low-pressure driers for fluffy dogs with sensitive skins. Some types include gentle heating, although, in most instances, this isn't necessary. High-pressure, forced-air dryers are fast and effective although take care when drying sensitive areas like eyes and ears. Variable speed dryers offer the best of both worlds.

Dog grooming equipment and tables

The height of a dog grooming table should be such that you don't have to bend your back unnecessarily when grooming pets. An adjustable stool can help when dealing with different size dogs. Many tables have provision for grooming loops to hold animals in place. This is particularly useful when using grooming tools like clippers and shears. Height-adjustable tables allow you to drop the table down to let large heavy dogs climb onto the table before raising the table to a comfortable working height.

When selecting dog salon equipment, it's important to consider ergonomics, comfort, practicality and pet health care. While a grooming tub, dryer and table are essential, it's vital to consider accessories, furniture and protective clothing, as well as veterinary supplies and equipment, which are all available from CeilBlue™.