Grooming Clippers

Grooming clippers are useful to keep your dog's coat trimmed and neat, helping your furry friend stay comfortable. Clippers, shears, scissors and more are essential grooming tools that make the pet grooming process easy and efficient. The choice of clippers depends on the breeds you work with. Professional pet groomers require high-quality clippers that cater to a variety of breeds, while pet owners wanting to give their furry friends at-home grooming will need a basic set that caters to the needs of their pet. When choosing pet clippers, it's important to keep in mind several factors including clipper blades, rotations per minute, noise, speed and size. CeilBlue™ has a variety of pet clippers that will help you find a set that meets your expectations.

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Keep in mind the breeds you work with

Since clippers are an integral part of pet grooming, you'll need to keep in mind some important things while shopping for a clipper tool. If you work with dogs that have thick coats, you'll need rotary motor pet clippers that help you power through thick hair with ease.  A corded clipper is an ideal choice for these breeds since you don't have to worry about the battery running out mid-way through a shave.

A fur baby with a thin coat needs a basic electromagnetic motor-based clipper to keep its hair neat and trimmed. This low-maintenance clipper is a budget-friendly option, ideal for at-home grooming. For medium coats, choose a clipper with a pivot motor that's similar to an electromagnetic model but with a robust configuration that's more powerful than standard electric pet clippers.

Ensure those blades are sharp

A sharp blade is a critical aspect of any good-quality pet clipper. Sharp blades result in a neater shave, making the process quick and efficient. Depending on the frequency of use, it's recommended to change clipper blades frequently to ensure optimal sharpness.

Check if the motor speed meets your needs

Rotations per minute or RPM represents the motor speed of the clipper, telling you how many times the motor completes a full rotation in a minute. As a groomer or a pet owner, look for a clipper with a motor speed high enough to give your furry friend an effective shave, while ensuring the dog doesn't feel intimidated by the high noise and vibration emitted as a result of high rotary speed. It boils down to finding a clipper with robust shaving action that also offers the right balance of noise, heat and vibration.

The size and weight of clippers are also important

The size, weight and design of dog clippers also matter, especially if you'll be grooming several dogs over the course of the day. Ergonomically designed clippers are easy and comfortable to hold and work with, preventing achy hands.

Dog clippers are essential grooming tools that make it easy to keep your dog's coat looking spick-and-span while helping him reduce shedding. If you own a pet grooming business, check out CeilBlue's selection of grooming salon equipment for a range of professional-quality tools and grooming accessories. We also offer veterinary supplies and equipment to keep your pet safe, healthy and well-groomed.