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Regular pet grooming is an important part of caring for a pet. Brushing your pet's coat regularly gives it a healthy and vibrant look, besides eliminating knots, tangles and mats. A gentle brushing session improves blood circulation and reduces the stress levels of your dog while lubricating his skin to release natural oils. Grooming tools such as brushes, combs, rakes and de-shedding tools help keep your dog's coat healthy and in top shape. But, with so many dogs grooming brushes and combs available, finding the best one that suits your pet is often challenging. CeilBlue® has a wide range of pet grooming products to ensure your canine friend looks his best while making grooming comfortable and stress-free for you and your pet.

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Different types of grooming brushes

The most important aspect of pet grooming is to choose pet grooming brushes and combs that suit your pet's coat. Slicker brushes have fine bristles and are ideal to get rid of tangles and mats. They work well for medium- and long-haired dogs and those with curly hair. Bristle brushes are very versatile and vary depending on the spacing between the bristles. For a dog with short hair, bristle brushes with bristles tightly packed together work the best. Widely spaced bristle brushes are best for long-haired dogs. If you're grooming your pet at home, it's best to invest only in brushes meant for your dog's coat. Professional groomers will require sophisticated grooming supplies such as multiple grooming tools and ergonomic equipment to cater to multiple breeds.

Combs are important tools for grooming

There are several types of grooming combs that help round out the brushing process. Some combs are useful for general grooming, while special combs help remove mats, tangles and fleas. General grooming combs give your dog's coat the perfect finishing touch. Wider spaced combs are suitable for removing knots and tangles. Use closely spaced combs to give your furry friend a final touch after removing the tangles and mats. Flea combs are an effective tool that helps identify these pesky fleas that are harmful to your pet's skin and health. Flea combs feature tightly spaced teeth that trap fine dirt and fleas in a single motion, offering a natural alternative to remove fleas, preventing your dog's exposure to harmful chemicals that feature in flea treatment products.

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