Antimicrobial Mats

Germs and bacteria spread rapidly across floors and surfaces that see high traffic. Using antimicrobial mats in entryways and busy hallways is an effective way to stop the spread of disease-causing germs. These floor mats are especially useful in semi-sterile settings, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and more. Restaurants, hotels, retail businesses and corporate offices also use these contamination-control floor mats to protect customers and staff. The main purpose of these mats is to stop contaminants of footwear from entering the facility. Featuring in-built antimicrobial properties, these mats prevent the growth and multiplication of germs and bacteria, limiting infection spread. Antibacterial mats are not just for the floor. Vinyl table pads are ideal for keeping tables, countertops and work surfaces clean and germ-free.

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Infection control is important for your facility

A healthcare setting is a hotbed for superbugs that may spread quickly without effective infection control measures in place. A critical aspect of hospital and clinic management, safety and infection control ensures the well-being of everyone in the facility. Along with hand sanitizers, hospital-grade disinfectants, face shields, face masks and more, antimicrobial mats play an important role in keeping your staff, patients and practitioners safe from the risk of infections. CeilBlue® has a wide selection of workplace wellness consumables that safeguard your personnel from germs, bacteria and viruses.

Antimicrobial mats have several benefits

A setting like a clinic or hospital requires the highest level of cleanliness and sanitization. Antimicrobial floors mats trap dirt and dust particles at the entry itself. This prevents dirt and dust from entering your facility, stopping contamination at the source.

The most important feature of these mats is that they feature inherent antimicrobial properties that resist most types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. This prevents bacteria and germs from multiplying, inhibiting their spread throughout the facility.

These mats also offer ergonomic benefits, which keeps you and your staff comfortable as you attend to patients. A rectangular chair mat, for instance, is ideal for your office employees who spend long hours sitting at their desks. These mats are also durable and sturdy, they don't crack, chip or tear easily. They also protect your flooring from scratching or scarring, besides keeping them clean and spotless.

These infection control mats are slip-resistant, offering great traction. This helps prevent slip-and-fall accidents, enhancing the safety of your facility. Slip-proof antibacterial bath mats are a great option for bathrooms and wet areas in your clinic or hospital, preventing accidents and injuries when walking on slippery floors.

Check out CeilBlue's collection of infection control products and medical supplies that will help you keep your facility clean and germ-free while helping you deliver superior patient care.