Animal Health & Wellness

Evidence shows that humans have cared about animal health and wellness for either 9,500 or 14,000 years. It all depends on whether you identify as a cat person or dog person. The human affinity for furry critters has led to the development of a myriad tools geared toward helping pets lead long and fulfilling lives. In the CeilBlue™ comprehensive line of animal care products, you’ll find collars and leads for young and middle-aged pets, precision scales for accurate weight records, protective and inflatable collars to aid in injury management and dog wraps and disposable pet diapers that encourage accident management and cleanliness.
Keep four on the floor for safety

Mat-style digital scales allow most dogs and other animals to stand comfortably on a pad for accurate weigh-ins. Leave one in your vet clinic lobby for pet owners to use while they wait. Get a stainless steel precision scale with an easy-to-read wall-mounted display for faster and more accurate weight recordings in the back office. When necessary, use lift leads to help a large dog onto a higher platform like a grooming table or to assist an older dog into a vehicle or other awkward space.

Spoil the babies

Supplement a pregnant or lactating dog's diet with a milk replacement formula to help ensure puppies get all the nutrients they need. Get color-coded identification collars for large litters of puppies and kittens. Velcro clasps ensure baby critters have room to grow while optional number rings provide additional classification options. Soothe puppies recently taken from their litters with a calming aromatherapy pet clip and a comfortable pet bed or mat.

Manage happy accidents

Dog diapers come in a variety of sizes and options. Choose a fully disposable diaper for sanitary clean up around the office or opt for a washable lining with a disposable insert when you need added protection. Male dog wraps are ideal for untrained puppies or adult dogs with incontinence. In-season females need dog diapers to help prevent their happy accidents. If all else fails, use animal-safe cleaners and disinfectants to tidy up.

Dress wounds with self-adhering bandages that don't cling to pet skin or hair. Both traditional cone collars and inflatable ring collars minimize licking during recovery. Select a traditional cone collar for flexible sizing options and to maximize silliness or get an inflatable ring to reduce awkwardness and improve comfort. Find these items and more on CeilBlue.