New Sneeze Guards and Countertop Protective Shields

May 08, 2020

As much of the US slowly eyes lifting stay-at-home orders and reopening businesses, employers, employees and customers are faced with a new reality.  Things that we used to take for granted, the checkout line at the grocery store, the break room at the office and the waiting room at the physician's office are being looked at more closely.  What steps can we take to lessen the risk and promote social distancing?

Our years of experience in providing infection control solutions for healthcare facilities provide a unique perspective and we're excited to offer a variety of solutions for businesses of all sizes. We've partnered with leading manufacturers here in the US to develop and distribute new product solutions to help protect your business.

For years we've offered a variety of splash guards and biohazard shields for healthcare facilities.  We've taken that knowledge and identified several new sneeze guards and protective shields that are perfect for retail and office environments.  These shields allow you to create a barrier between your employees and customers. We offer multiple sizes and styles to meet any need and budget. We've successfully placed these new shields in physician offices, automobile manufacturers and retail establishments.

We've also expanded our entire Workplace Wellness category with products to help your business navigate the challenges that we all face from COVID-19. 

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